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Meetinghouse in Incheon Symbolizes the Hope and Faith of Church Members

A church meetinghouse is much more than the brick and walls from which it is made. A meetinghouse is an expression of the hopes and dreams of the people who meet within its walls.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains over one hundred meetinghouses in Korea. Some buildings are small, and some are large; some are old, and others are new.

But regardless size or age, these buildings represent a place of community and purpose, an expression of hope and faith for church members who worship there.

Recently, a group of members and missionaries visited the site of their new meetinghouse under construction in Incheon. Some of these members had visited the site six months ago and were amazed to see the progress. Six months ago the building was a skeleton. Now its walls and other interior features are nearing completion.

“We have watched our meetinghouse grow brick by brick over the last 16 months,” said one of the visitors. “Similar to our own personal growth, the daily progress appears small. But the progress over time is surprising and inspirational.”

Like other Christians, Latter-day Saints attend church every Sunday. Over 28,000 congregations meet weekly in chapels throughout the world. These local congregations are geographically designated so as to bring neighbors and communities closer together and give them greater opportunities to serve each other. Sunday services are open to all who wish to attend including those not of the faith.

As an illustration of what a typical service looks like, men, women and teenagers speak from the pulpit, sing hymns, offer extemporaneous (not recited) prayers, participate in the sacrament (similar to communion), attend scripture classes, engage in discussions, and share personal faith stories or “testimonies". As there is no paid professional clergy, sharing congregational responsibilities and duties instills the value of community and fellowship. This cooperative enterprise means that lay members alternately preach sermons and listen to sermons, lead music and sing music, and give advice and receive advice.

The underlying motivation is for individuals and families to help each other overcome life’s challenges by learning about Jesus Christ and striving to become like Him.


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